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Assignment that needs improvement

Page history last edited by Math in a Box - Susan Johnsey gm 2 years, 5 months ago

Assignment, Quiz or Test that needs improvement

Please read ALL of this message from me.  You can place a star on it (left of the title) and read it again later.

It will help you and I communicate better.  I hope you will not mind talking to me your teacher (by way of email).  Some of you maybe shy, but others not.  Be clear as you can when you email me so I know how to help.  I want to help you.  I usually kind and considerate.  Few students have ever made me mad or anxious!  



If I ask you questions or ask for corrections (redoing) of an assignment, quiz or Test then please do NOT delete any of my comments nor your wrong answers!


When I ask for corrections then I want you to go to the classroom, find your Student folder and add your new work/answers to your assignment, quiz or test page. Click the EDIT tab as you have done before and type your new work and answers underneath each OLD answer.  Please type in a new color or highlight it.  That way I can easily tell what is NEW .  After you improve your work/answers then SAVE and SHARE. it again.


It is important to know the assignments well.  If you do not then you will not make a satisfactory score on the Chapter TEST.  Some students think they can just get by with  B or C on the assignments ( they did that at school). But that may not work in an online course.


I want to be sure you know enough that you do not get frustrated and confused later in the book. When you miss something expect me to ask a question or You can ask the questions.


So it is important to know the assignments problems and be able to answer them easily.

You may have to practice a bit or do odd problems and ask me questions, but you can do the work if you are interested in learning and are willing to ask me questions.

I will help you as much as you need.  


First, I expect you to explain what you see in the problem (it might be a lot or just a few things),  then tell me what is confusing. I am sure you can read the problem or look at the diagram and tell me something about it.  Do that first then ask your question or tell me what is confusing.


I will work any of the odd problems or examples for you, but not those that are in your assignments or quizzes.  The assignment and quizzes are for a grade or score so they must be completed by you.  

If you are not sure about something you can ask questions, but remember to explain what you see in the problem (it might be a lot or just a few things),  then tell me what is confusing.


Susan O. Johnsey

Math in A Box