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Lesson Listing for Geometry first semester

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Geometry first semester           Math in a Box           



Susan O. Johnsey            


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 Do you need a full course of geometry?

Complete this course and the second semester course and you will have a very good understanding of 2 dimensional ( a little bit of 3 dimensional) geometry.





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      then return here.   Scroll down until you see the list of LESSONS.


SEE ALL LESSONS for this class below.


A  textbook is required for this geometry course.    Info is here:   TEXTBOOK


I answer email at least 350 days of the year so please let me know your questions about my math classes.     


If you have joined then watch the video above, THAT IS REQUIRED before beginning.  Then complete log-in and select your math lesson.  Choose your Chapter folder or Student folder in the Navigator Box.  Your folder is inside of Student folder.



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covering various topics of Algebra and Geometry.

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You can find an assortment of my lessons, videos, and games at this web page:  Free games, quizzes, lessons.


    Algebra 1A   (first semester of Algebra 1)

    Algebra 1B   (second  semester of Algebra 1)

    Algebra 2A   (first semester of Algebra 2)

    Algebra 2B   (second  semester of Algebra 2)

    Geometry      (first semester)

    Geometry     (second semester)

    Algebra 1 Review- great for summer review


Geometry first semester REVIEW -


FREE Factoring Polynomials  course - Quadratics and More! 

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Lesson Listing for Geometry A

Order Lesson Name

Required reading:

Online Lessons       

Required work:
1 1-1 Games with lines and points Lesson 1-1 Assignment 1-1A
2 1-2 Points, Lines and Planes Lesson 1-2 Assignment 1-2B, Quiz

1-3 Segments , Rays and Distance

1-3    Part 2   Midpoints, Segments and Algebra  

Lesson 1-3

Lesson 1-3

Pt 2

2 games and email


Assignment 1-3A,  B

4 1-4 Angles: acute, obtuse, straight, right Lesson 1-4 Assignment 1-4A, Quiz

1-5 Points, Lines, Planes and Angles

Extra Help: standardized quizzes to try

Lesson 1-5 Assignment 1-5A TEST
6 2-1 If-Then Statements; Converses Lesson 2-1 Assignment 2-1A

2-2 Properties from Algebra for Geometry too  FREE


2-2 Part 2  Properties and Postulates for PROOFS

Lesson 2-2


Lesson 2-2 Pt2

Assign. 2-2A 

Game  2-2 

8 2-3 Proving Theorems, midpoints, angle bisector
Lesson 2-3 Assignment 2-3A
9 2-4 Special Pairs of Angles Lesson 2-4 Assignment 2-4A

2-5 Perpendicular Lines Part 1

2-5 Perpendicular Lines Part 2

Lesson 2-5 Pt1

Lesson 2-5 Pt2

Assignment 2-5A,

Assignment 2-5B


2-6 Planning a Proof


Lesson 2-6


Lesson 2-6 part 2

Quiz, Assignment 2-6A, 2-6B, TEST

12 3-1 Definitions of parallel and skew lines Lesson 3-1 Assignment 3-1A, 3-1B
13 3-2 Properties of Parallel Lines FREE  Lesson 3-2 Assignment 3-2A, 3-2B
14 3-3 Proving Lines Parallel Lesson 3-3 Assignment 3-3A, 3-3B, 3-3C
15 3-4 Angles of a Triangle Lesson 3-4 Assignment 3-4A
16 3-5 Angles of a Polygon Lesson 3-5 Assignment 3-5A

3-6 Inductive Reasoning, Conjectures and Counterexamples

Lesson 3-6

Assignment 3-6A,

3-6B, TEST

18 4-1 Congruent Figures Lesson 4-1 Assignment 4-1A
19 4-2 Some Ways to Prove Triangles Congruent Lesson 4-2 Assignment 4-2A
  4-2  part 2 Lesson4-2Pt2

Assignment 4-2B

Assignment 4-2C

20 4-3 Using Congruent Triangles Lesson 4-3 Assignment 4-3Aq
21 4-4 The Isosceles Triangle Theorems Lesson 4-4 Assignment 4-4A

4-5 Other Methods of Proving Triangles Congruent     

      FREE activity  

Lesson 4-5

Activity 4-5

Assignment 4-5A,  4-5B
23 4-6 Using More than One Pair of Congruent Triangles Lesson 4-6 Assignment 4-6A
24 4-7 Medians, Altitudes, and Perpendicular Bisectors Pt 1 Lesson 4-7A

Assignment 4-7A, 4-7M,

4-7P, 4-7X


4-7 Medians, Altitudes, and Perpendicular Bisectors Pt2

Extra Help: standardized quizzes to try

Lesson 4-7B

Assignment  4-7Y,

Quiz, TEST

26 5-1 Properties of Parallelograms & GEOGEBRA activity    FREE activity Lesson 5-1 Assignment 5-1A, 5-1B

5-2 Ways to Prove that Quadrilaterals Are Parallelograms    FREE activity (JAVA required) 

Lesson 5-2

Activity 5-2

Assignment 5-2A
28 5-3 Theorems Involving Parallel Lines Lesson 5-3 Assignment 5-3A, 5-3B
29 5-4 Special Parallelograms Lesson 5-4 Assignment 5-4A email
30 5-4 Special Parallelograms part 2
Lesson 5-4 p2 Assignment 5-4B email
31 5-5 Trapezoids Lesson 5-5 Assignment 5-5A, 5-5B,  TEST
32 6-1 Inequalities and Indirect Proofs Lesson 6-1 Assignment 6-1A
33 6-2 Inverses and Contrapositives Lesson 6-2 QUIZ 6-2
34 6-3 Nets  (not in book) Lesson 6-3 Assignment 6-3
35 6-4 Inequalities for One Triangle Lesson 6-4 Assignment  6-4A, 6-4B
36 6-5 Inequalities for Two Triangles Lesson 6-5

Assignment 6-5A,

Assignment 6-5B, TEST


Quick Algebra Review  ( one variable equations)

Quick Algebra Review  ( two variable equations)


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Within the NAVIGATOR box you should find most all that you need in the folders LESSONS and STUDENT.   If you do not see the NAVIGATOR, then along the right side, near the search box above, look for a  small black triangle.  Click it and the NAVIGATOR box will appear.

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    Algebra 1A   (first semester of Algebra 1)

    Algebra 1B   (second  semester of Algebra 1)

    Algebra 2A   (first semester of Algebra 2)

    Algebra 2B   (second  semester of Algebra 2)

    Geometry      (first semester)

    Geometry     (second semester)

    Algebra 1 Review- great for summer review