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Need a Drawing or Paint app for this class

Page history last edited by Math in a Box - Susan Johnsey gm 3 years, 8 months ago


Here is a link to a web site that will let you draw online.


Create your diagram at this web site.

I just found a new site You may want to try; but it is very fancy!  If its too hard then go ahead and use the one below

     New fancy site:  www.pixlr.com

You can then SAVE it to your computer.  On the left side below, SEE the SAVE button below the New Image button.

Save it with a title that includes your name and the lesson or assignment number.

SAVE it to your DESKTOP so you can follow my directions to place it in an Assignment.

But sometimes I ask for it in an email; attach it to the email.


This is a picture of the web site:


                                             Choose the icon above which has the star - circle-rectangle.

                                                                                             It will let you select  a LINE.   

                                                  Choose the Aa icon to type text.  

                                                     You can move the text box later, but you need to use the SELECT icon

                                                                      before clicking the text.


PLEASE  VISIT the web site above to use this app for drawing.  SAVE your file on your desktop.

Then go to your assignment, click EDIT, place your cursor where you want the drawing and then drag it from your desktop to the assignment page.

It will jump over to your cursor, but it may take a few seconds.

SAVE as usual.