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Online Course developed by Susan Johnsey


Please read this Lesson again at a later time,

as it has information that you will need through out the class.


BE SURE to find the CHAPTER 1 folder in the Navigator and READ the online LESSONS.

The online LESSONS ( in the Chapter folders) will tell you when to do the work that I have placed in your Student folder.
 The work that you are to submit to me for grading is in your STUDENT folder.  Look in the Navigator.

Do you see the Navigator box on the right side of this web page?   If not, then look for a small black triangle along top right side under our classroom Search box.  Click it and then you will see the Navigator.   VERY IMPORTANT.

The Navigator has a "back" button; sometimes you must click it to find more folders.


The work that I mention in the LESSONS is for your practice. The Lessons are in the CHAPTER folders of the Navigator.  You must complete the directions in the online Lessons before doing the work that I grade (its in your Student folder in the Navigator).  I sometimes give a game or ask for an email in the online lessons; please do what ever I have asked and email me.  The class will move along more quickly for you if you read the online lessons and follow the directions in them. 


The online LESSONS will tell you when to do the work in your folder. 


  BE SURE to find the CHAPTER folders in the Navigator and READ the online LESSONS.

You can also find a listing of links for the Lessons on the Home page, our WIKI tab. 

                                (Look in upper left for WIKI tab.)



Do you have your textbook?   See my web site for that information.  www.mathinabox.com


Lesson 1-1 Games


Here is a link to a few games for you to figure out while you wait on your book.   THEY are about Geometry and ALGEBRA.   WE WILL use ALGEBRA in this course.

                       GEOMETRY and ALGEBRA games and drills.


In each lesson there will be a list of terms to KNOW.    We will need many of these to be at your fingertips or fresh on your mind!


You will need to print the form "Geometry Properties and Theorems Form".   

I will refer to it as your Geometry  Collection . You will find it in the Navigator box (you may need to click "back" in the Navigator). Look for the STUDENTS folder, click it and then you  will see the Folder with your name.  Your Geometry Collection form is in your folder. If you do not see it then email me and I will send it.  You must PRINT it soon.  If it does not print well then look in Navigator for the folder: Geometry Collection forms.  There are others that should print well for you. Here is a link to a sample that I started.  You must complete your own with the blank form. SAMPLE



You should print it on both sides of a sheet of paper or card stock.   You may want to print it on card stock paper or colored paper.   Print at least 2 pages (one on front and one on back).  To print only the form  you may use your mouse to highlight  and select it,  then copy it and paste it into your Word program .  You should save it on your computer and then print it.   Be sure you save it on your computer for you will need to print it  later too.   If you have trouble with this or do not understand then send me an email and I will send it to you.     


You MUST use this form -I will call it your "Geometry Collection " - throughout the class.  

 Your completed Geometry Collection  will help you greatly with your Assignments and studying for a test.


The first item for your Geometry Collection is equidistant.  It is on page 2 of your book.    Write  it and complete the row of information on your Geometry Collection Equidistant is the compound word meaning equally distant.  If I am 4 feet from the TV and I am also 4 feet from my laptop then I am equidistant from my laptop and TV.           DID you look at my SAMPLE page above?


Here are examples to help you understand what the word equidistant means.   You may want to use one of these in your Geometry Collection.





If the distance from point K to point H is 2 inches and the distance from point H to point P is 2 inches then K and P are equidistant from H. We can also say : H is equidistant from K and P. Please read the above carefully again paying attention to my drawings.


The distance from T to M is 1.4 cm and the distance from L to M is 1.4 cm.


Which are true?

A.     T and M are equidistant from L.

B.     T and L are equidistant from M.

C.     L is equidistant from T and M.

D.     M is equidistant from T and L.


What are your choices? Yes there is more than one that is correct. 

HIGHLIGHT the black box to see the answers. 

B and D are correct.
If you cannot figure out what to do to see it then let me know.


picture of my Geometry Collection- if you do not see  it let me know.


Where are all the points that are equidistant for T and L?

I n this lesson you will see that all the points equidistant from 2 points  is actually a "line of points".  See the red line on page 2.   Please imagine that it continues down the page and up the page.   The points on this red line are equidistant from the 2 points F and T.   Be sure you see this.  


If you stand on the red line and look at F and then look at T then you will see that you are the same distance from both of the points.   If you are somewhere on the red line(fence) and it is 10 steps to point F then you are also 10 steps from T.


Now read the Lesson 1-1 in your book on pages 1 and 2. 

  • Complete the Written Exercises on page 3 and 4, problems 1, 3 ,5 and 7. 

  • Be sure that you can do #3 and that you check your answers in the back of your book.  I will always require problems that you can check or I will give you the answers.  Completing the problems and then checking them should help you learn and prepare you to complete the Assignments. 



What if you asked 10 friends to stand around you,

could you move yourself so that they are all the same distance from you?   

You can only do that if they will make a special geometry shape.  

If you must be same distance from each of the 10 friends then they must be in a circle around you, right.

   To find ALL, (FOUR OR MORE) points that are a particular distance (say 5 centimeter) from one point then you NEED TO make a circle around the point.


The Assignments are the problems that you are to send me.

Once you have completed the problems in the lesson that I mentioned above, you should be ready to complete and submit your Assignment.   

The Assignment problems are NOT in this lesson; I have placed them in your Student folder.

Do you see the Student folder in the Navigator? There are times when you will need to click "BACK" in the Navigator.   Find the STUDENT folder, click it and then you should see your folder.   Click it to see your Assignments.


On the right side of these web pages you should see a box called the NAVIGATOR


Within the NAVIGATOR box you should find most all that you need in the folders LESSONS and STUDENT.   If you do not see the NAVIGATOR box on the right side of this web page, then along the right side, near the search box (for our classroom) above, look for a  small black triangle.  Click it and the NAVIGATOR box will appear.


It is time to complete your first ASSIGNMENT for me!!!

 Find Assignment 1.1.  Look in the Navigator Box.  See the folder called STUDENT.  Click it.   Your folder (has your name) is in the STUDENT folder within  the NAVIGATOR BOX.

  1. The problems that I have written in the Assignment 1-1 are the ones you are to complete for me.   

  2. Do your work in a notebook.  

  3. Then type your answers and some work, or what I requested in the assignment.

  4. Save these in a file folder on your computer.   

  5. Return to the Assignment 1-1 web page in your folder, CLICK the EDIT tab, and

  6. paste your answers BELOW the GREY LINE in the Assignment.  After hitting the EDIT tab, wait a moment and then scroll down to the bottom of the Assignment.   You will then see the GREY line and you can type or paste your work below it.

  7. Then, SAVE the assignment by clicking the SAVE button in lower left corner.    That will take a few seconds.

  8. Lastly, please "SHARE the page" (look above the Navigator box) with me so that I know you have completed this Assignment.  You must always SAVE and then SHARE assignments with me.

  9. Later today you will receive a reply email from me (I receive an email when you SHARE the assignments with me).  Or you can look again in your folder and see my comments and score. You are required to find this score and comments ( email or in your folder) and read it and follow my directions to correct the ones that you missed.  This should always be done the day you send it or the next morning.  I will grade it within the day.

  10. Let me know any time you wait for more than a few hours for me to grade or reply.   I WANT TO KNOW if you are waiting for me.  

The steps above will become easy to you soon. 



IMPORTANT to understand what I expect:

  1. Later today you will receive a reply from me about your Assignment.  Or you can look again in your folder and see my comments and score on your Assignment. You are required to find this score and comments ( email or in your folder) and read it and follow my directions to correct the ones that you missed.  This should always be done the day you send it or the next morning.  I will grade it within the day.
  2. Let me know any time you wait for more than a few hours for me to grade or reply.   I WANT TO KNOW if you are waiting for me so please email me and explain what you need or what you are waiting for.   BE CLEAR.


The steps above will be come easy to you soon.  You may want to write these or print them so you do not guess at what to do.



Do you need to SEE a VISUAL of the steps for completing an ASSIGNMENT?

Type  the word Visual in the search box of our classroom (workspace).   The search box is near the top right corner.  Wait a few seconds and you will see the web page "Visually HOW TO prepare your Assignment" appear; click it.


Sending me the PROBLEMS for your ASSIGNMENTS:

Write the problems on paper and then work them out; do not use a calculator.

Type a few of the steps that you wrote and then the answers.

 I do not count off for typos.   I do count off for wrong work or answers.  

 I can usually tell the difference, so please do all your work on paper first.


You need to keep your hand written work in a notebook. When I send the corrections or

score then go to that assignment in your notebook and correct the hand written work.

This will be a great way to have good work to review for the test.


You will need to review the corrected assignments before taking the chapter test. 

Be sure you keep your corrected assignments.


  The Assignment problems are NOT in this lesson; I have placed them in your Student folder.

I rarely ever have the assignment problems in the lesson.   For now you will find them in your Student folder.   Later I will teach you how to find them another way.