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Lesson 3-2 Properties of Parallel Lines


THERE are 3 videos to watch, 1 email, 1 game and 1 drill to complete.  

These will help you learn these new theorems about parallel lines.

Please take the time to watch these and complete the game and drill before you complete the 2 assignments.


Add these terms and definitions to your Geometry Collection :                    

Postulate 10 and the 3 theorems.      

Please find these in the your textbook in section 3-2.                                                 


 Be sure to include the red writing and the diagrams in the textbook.


Click the Wiki tab above to return to the HOME


go to www.mathinabox.com/Classes.html for info on all my classes.




NOTE that all 4 of these  (Postulate 10 and the 3 theorems

begin with a transversal (that is just a line!!) intersecting two

or more parallel lines.  


Any time you are GIVEN a line intersecting parallel lines then think of these 4 items in your Geometry Collection


You will use these in proving theorems about angles that are created by parallel lines.

Diagram for Alternate Interior Angles:


THEOREM 3-2     is about alternate interior angles.    



Diagram for Corresponding Angles:

POSTULATE 10 is about corresponding angles.



Diagram for Same- Side Interior Angles:


THEOREM 3-3  is  about same-side interior angles

        AND THEOREM 3-4  is about a perpendicular transversal; see the diagrams above.


Watch this video.   Remember you can pause it and rewind it.  

Please do so that you understand it well.   We will be combining algebra and geometry.


http://www.youtube.com/v/lTKDOkwtVX8     or go there and watch.


Read pages 78 and 79 but you may omit example 1 on page 79.




Here is a jazzy video to watch.

  It will help you with all the NEW words to know about angles  that are around parallel lines.

I hope you enjoy it and learn a LOT..

Here is the link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmFH5ajoxKk    It is at youtube.




State the postulate or theorem from lesson 3-2 that justifies each statement below,  

but warning there is one answer from another chapter and one tricky answer!!

     Note the lines j and k are parallel.

I forgot to draw the little arrowheads on the lines j and k to show you they are parallel. 

 Hope you can imagine them being there.

Parallel lines










For each of these statements below state:

1. type of angles (corresponding, or alternate interior, or same-side interior, or vertical or right angles) and


2. the theorem or postulate that tells us about the angles.

  1. angle 3 congruent to angle 7.

  2. measure angle 6 + measure angle 7 = 180.

  3. angle 4 congruent angle 6

  4. measure angle 5 = measure angle 7

  5. line a is perpendicular to line k.

  6. angle 6 congruent angle 8

  7. angle 1 congruent angle 2

  8. angle 5 is supplementary to angle 8.    EMAIL   ME YOUR 8 ANSWERS.



Here is a fun game.

copy this http://www.thatquiz.org/tq-C/?-j2-l8-nk-p0  into your address bar.    Take screenshot of your page when  you finish.  Or use your camera to take a picture.   PLACE THIS PICTURE IN YOUR Assignment 3-2A.


Do you have the 8 question for the email above completed?  go to QUIA and  take the quiz: Lesson3-2 Drill. 

There are 10 questions similar to 8 questions above.     

You may complete it more than once;  try hard to get all correct,

Let me know the ones you do not understand.

Take screenshot of your page when  you finish.  Or use your camera to take a picture. 


   You will need your log in  and password for 

click here Lesson 3-2  QUIZ (DRILL) or paste into your address bar:  http://www.quia.com/quiz/1449096.html



Now do the Written Exercises 1 to 19 odd in  your textbook and check them.

Complete the Assignment 3-2 for me only after you have a GOOD score on the above quiz at QUIA.

It should help you make a better score on the assignment. 


Read bottom half of page 74 again in your book and make a special note about exterior angles.  

Then decide what you think would be the alternate exterior angles in that diagram.  


The alternate exterior angles are angle 1 and angle 8.   

 And the other pair are angle 2 and angle 7.

    I hope you are looking at the diagram at the bottom of page 74.



For problem 18 in this assignment you will need to review solving equations with 2 variables.

See page 69 example 2  or  see this web page in our classroom Quick Algebra review: solve equations with 2 variables.

Now complete Assignment 3-2B. 

Be sure to write your answers down in your notebook.