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Letter to all  Share page

Page history last edited by Math in a Box - Susan Johnsey gm 7 years, 5 months ago


Dear Student:


I am writing this note to remind you that you should never wait more than 24 hours for me to reply or grade your work.

I usually do this for you in just a few hours.  


Please let me know if I do not grade your work within the 24 hours.   I want to know.


I need you to send me a "Share this page" after each assignment/quiz.   After you EDIT an assignment and SAVE it then above the Navigator box is LINK  "SHARE this PAGE" .     Please use it to let me know you have finished and want me to grade it.  A small window will appear and  in the TO box type m or j and my name should appear.   Click it and then SEND.


Also when you need to take a test or quiz then email me for the link, but be sure your name, the TEST name and the name of the class is in you email.   I have too many students to remember exactly where you ARE!!  I would appreciate this very much.   I can be much quicker.


I would prefer that you use my sojohnsey@gmail.com when emailing me ;  most of you do use that email address.   Or you can use susanjohnsey@mathinabox.com





Susan O. Johnsey