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Classroom Ex page 24

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Classroom Exercises on page 24: 3 to 14 all


  1. Every segment has one midpoint. A segment has no more than one midpoint.

  2. A line and a point not in the line determine a plane.

  3. yes

  4. yes , at least 1 line

  5. no, unless the points are noncollinear

  6. C, A: postulate 6

  7. Answers may vary. any 3 of these: A, B, C, or D. Through any 3 noncollinear points there is exactly 1 plane.

  8. Line AB, Postulate 9

  9. yes Postulate 8

  10. yes, a plane contains at least 3 points not all in one line.

  11. it will not wobble!!

  12. The legs may not be the same length and their ends may not be coplanar.