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Classroom Ex 2-5

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Classroom Exercises 2-5

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2. angles AOD, DOB, COB, COA, EOH, HOF, GOF, GOE


3. angles POZ, ZOQ, ZOX, ZOY, POY, YOQ, POX, XOQ

4. 50, 40, 50 130

5. 90-x , x , 90-x, 90+x


6. Definition of perpendicular

7. same as 6

8. If 2 lines are perpendicular then they form congruent adjacent angles. That is two angles that are 90 each and share a side.


9. Definition of perpendicular.


10. If two lines form congruent adjacent angles then the lines are perpendicular. Hey this is the converse of #8. I hope you saw that.


11. Definition of perpendicular.