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Lesson  4-5 Activity

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Activity  4-5  BEFORE beginning PLEASE move your cursor to HERE, but carefully do not touch any of the boxes below: X


                            Each Box below that I have labeled with a capital letter has 3 images.  You will read each one and then tap or touch with mouse or touchpad.   Mouse or touchpad works best.  The second image in the box will appear after you click it (or hover over it) and that image will give you a hint.  Hopefully you knew the hint.  The third image will give the answer as to how the triangles are congruent or if they are not.  For the third image to appear you may need to tap outside of the big box.


                                                                       CLICK the WIKI tab above to return to the home.

The activity may work a little slowly depending on your internet connection; that is, it might take  5 to 10 seconds for the answer to appear rather than 1 second. 


You may begin again any time by reloading (refreshing) the web page. 


LEARN THESE WELL and you should do well on the TEST questions.  There are quite a few about congruent triangles.


READ again the directions at the top if you have trouble seeing all 3 images for each box.  You will see them one at a time in each labeled box.

Do NOT let your mouse enter the box until you are ready for a hint.
When your mouse leaves the box then you will see the answer.

    These are congruent triangles.
State the congruence method that can
be used to prove that each pair
are congruent.

Choose from ASA, AAS, SAS, SSS or HL.
     To try these again click the
Susan O. Johnsey www.mathinabox.com Math in a Box 2007