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Assignment 2-6A for List

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Assignment 2-6A   for  Geometry 1st semester





Assignment 2-6A

THREE STEPS to complete:

 STEP 1.

Do Written Exercises 4 to 16 even .


STEP 2 is below this diagram.   Scroll down.




Part 2:   If you have not already sent that email.

  then include your answers in your ASSIGNMENT.  


Part 3 :  Use this diagram to write proof for #18.  For #18 use  the proof of theorem 2-7 in your book to help you write the steps for a proof of theorem 2-8.        See diagram here or in the online Lesson 2-6.




 Student- add your answers below.

 Johnsey - I will add my comments below.



















  Keep your work in the white box above.  Use the Enter key to increase its length and to move down the page.  Do not increase its width.


You may add pictures or diagrams below.  

They will not paste.  You must learn to upload and then drop if you wish to add diagrams or pictures.  Search for UPLOAD Images.