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Creating Screen Shots

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Steps for Creating a Screen shot


Since creating this course we have had many updates for operating systems, software and apps for WINDOWS and MACs.   The directions for saving a screenshot have changed a bit over time for some computers.  Perhaps you  already know how to take a screenshot.  If you know how to do that and to take photos of your work then what you really need to know is how to get it to your ASSIGNMENT pages.


There is one best way to add  screenshots or photos to your assignment.  Begin by SAVING your image  (or screenshot) to your DESKTOP.   Then you can Drag it to your Assignment page when you are in EDIT mode.   Be sure to click the EDIT tab, place your cursor where you want the image to appear on the page ( BUT PLEASE NOT AT THE VERY TOP) and then Drag the image from your DESKTOP to the  Assignment web page.   The image will jump to the cursor when you do that!


If you need directions for taking a screenshot then follow the directions below.


Method 1

1.  Windows:   Locate the PRTSC key on your keyboard.  Usually it is one of the FN commands along the top. 

          For example, on my computer I press the FN button while also pressing the END button because PRTSC is on the END key.   On some laptops you press the SHIFT key and the PRTSC button.

Or for some Windows users you can right click the page and select screenshot.   Use the HELP on your computer to learn to take a full screenshot.

2.  When you click these buttons the entire page you are viewing should darken slightly and your computer is ready for you to highlight what you want to create a screenshot of.  Click and drag a box around the area you want.

3.  You should see a few options appear near the boxed area (such as print, save, copy, etc).  If you do see those options, press save.  If you don't see those options, then right click and you will see the save option. 

4.  Choose to SAVE it to your Desktop so you can drag it later(directions below).  It will probably have "screenshot" as its name.   Save and name your file using the correct Lesson or Assignment number and your name.



Method 2

1.  Windows:   Locate the PRTSC key on your keyboard. Press it. ( but some computers require you to also press the FN or Shift  key), You do not see anything happen, but your computer has just saved a shot and is ready for you to PASTE it.  Open Paint or a similar program so you can paste the image and then save it.   This method is not as good as the first one above.  It is best to SAVE the screenshot if you can.   You will paste into Paint the image your computer just took of your screen.    Most of you can do a CTRL V  to do the paste.    Save and name your file using the correct Lesson or Assignment number and your name. Save it to your Desktop so you can drag it later(directions below).  Also note that you can take a shot of just the active Window ( game or quiz) by pressing Alt  key with the PRTSC.



Method 3

1.  Windows:   Open snipping tool  ( in Accessories)   You must snip the whole screen or active window. 

       You must  Save and name your file using the correct  Lesson or Assignment number and your name to your DESKTOP so you can drag it later(directions below).



Method 4

 1.  Mac:  To snip a picture on a Mac using your keyboard is quite simple, you hold the  "Command, Shift and 3" together.

It will take a screen shot and copy it on to your desktop.


Steps for Inserting a Screenshot:

1.  If you want to insert the screen shot you created into one of your classroom pages, you should be on that page and in edit mode.

2.  Make sure your cursor is in the location on your  Assignment page where you want the screenshot to be placed.  Also make sure your classroom is NOT in full screen mode.  You need to be able to see some of your desktop behind the classroom page. 

3.  Since you can see some of your desktop, adjust so that you can see the screenshot file that you previously saved to your desktop.  Don't open it, just be able to see it sitting on the desktop. 

4.  Click and drag that screenshot on your desktop to your Assignment page ( it must be in EDIT mode).   Remember you must already be in EDIT mode and have the Cursor at the place where you want the image to appear.

5.  Once you see the screenshot appear in the classroom page it will probably be very large.  You can click and resize it from its corner so that it isn't too big.

6.  Click "SAVE" at the bottom of your classroom page that you have been editing.