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Upload Images from Desktop

Page history last edited by Math in a Box - Susan Johnsey gm 2 years, 3 months ago

Uploading images to your assignment or quiz page



In some of our Lessons I will ask you to create diagrams or pictures of what we are studying.  Or I may ask you to send your work.


1.  You will do that with  Paint or drawing program.  Or you can draw/write on your paper and use a smart phone or camera to take a photo. Save the file ON YOUR DESKTOP.  On some Lessons I will ask you to make a screenshot of your game scores.   You can Save those to your DESKTOP, or Send it to your DESKTOP.


2.  Then come to our classroom and find the assignment web page or create the page where you are to add the diagram.


3.  You will select the EDIT tab as we usually do.  


4.  Type  any comments you need to tell me.  THEN Place your cursor in the Assignment web page where you would like the diagram or saved file to be placed.  This is very important.   Please do not place the photo (image) at top of the page.   Place your cursor below my directions or the name of the assignment.


5.  Drag the file from your DESKTOP over to the page.   The file will jump to where you had placed the cursor.   Give it a moment to upload and appear on your assignment page.


6.  Now SAVE and SHARE.   ( Or before saving you can make the diagram smaller if you like by clicking it and grabbing the little squares at a corner, drag it.)


Be sure to SAVE and then SHARE.  ( Images will not go through emailing but I will know to look at it in the classroom.)

If you have trouble  then please email me  You are not going to hurt anything here.  I can fix most any thing.

S. Johnsey